Paediatric Plastic Surgery

Meet Vlad a charming and bright 8 year old whose right ear got damaged in a school incident, leaving it protruding. Having had both ears corrected previously, his mother was concerned that a second operation would be complicated leaving him with scars.

Dr Vahidi was consulted and using micro surgical techniques he manipulated the broken cartilage so that it would lie flat and be held in place as the ear was being stitched to its desired form.

Right from the beginning of the consultation, Vlad was uplifted by Dr Vahidi's standard operating procedure of creating a state of calmness and building his confidence in the process. Not only are the results of the operation exceptional but Vlad is happy and able to be himself, having had both the psychological and physical wounds mended.

Vlad is a young man whose ear was damaged and he needed an Otoplasty. From this story you can see how Mr Vahidi works with his patients to put them at ease so that the surgery is all done with a relaxed and unstressed patient.